Foodbank rise in referrals

6th December 2018

Joe, one of our volunteers getting the tables set up for our busy Thursday foodbank session!

We have seen a dramatic rise in foodbank referrals over the past 2 months. Since the roll out of Universal Credit, local companies closing their doors, a rise in homelessness, mental health issues and illnesses our numbers have increased from 10-15 per week up to 40 per week. This is a frightening figure as within those numbers, there are families with up to 4 children or more!

Thankfully, the Harvest Festival donations in October and November, helped us to stock our warehouse but by mid November, our shelves were looking very bare again. We had to use our limited funds to purchase groceries and restock on a weekly basis. The Tesco Food Collection and reverse advent calendar drive recently, helped to replenish our depleting stocks but I am concerned that once Christmas is over, our shelves will start to look bare again and we will have to dip into our dwindling funds.

If you are able to help with food or monetary donations, please contact us on [email protected]

Every little helps to end hunger and poverty in the UK.

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